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What is Perfect Pairs in Blackjack
[ 09-06-2018 ]
What is Perfect Pairs in Blackjack

Perfect Pairs in Blackjack

Blackjack is a fun game as it involves different strategies but it has limited opportunities for players to win big money. Therefore, numerous side bets are available for Singapore Online Casino players to score big wins. Hence, one of the popular bet is called perfect pairs. There are three types of pairs which are mixed pair, colored pairs and perfect pairs. Among these three pairs, payout of perfect pairs is the highest one but it also requires players to have an identical pair no matter in color or rank.

As an added feature, players have the chance of winning bonus money based on their starting hand by placing Perfect Pairs bet.

Further, this bet comes into play at the starting hand and the rest of the process is same as other round of blackjack. In other words, the objective is to get as close as 21. Before Singapore Online Casino players are dealt their first two cards, they can choose to make a side bet by placing additional wager. Once they placed bet, they will receive first two cards. If the cards consist of a pair, they win the side bet according to what type of pair they have and receive different payout rate.

Let’s imagine, you put additional wager on this bet but how often you can realistically win the bet in a session of play. If players do not form a pair in their starting hand, their side bet will be removed from the table.All in all, players win Perfect Pairs bet to help them win even more money when the first two cards of their hand is a pair. However, it is completely based on players’ chance and those probability is very small.

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